Feedback process

Lognet Inc développe présentement son plan d’accessibilité afin d’éliminer les obstacles qui pourrait limiter l’usage de nos produits et services ou les interactions avec notre entreprise pour toute personne ayant une déficience physique, intellectuelle, cognitive, mentale ou sensorielle, des troubles d’apprentissage ou de la communication ou des limitations fonctionnelles.

Nous vous invitons à donner votre rétroaction en nous faisant part d’observations, questions, commentaires ou suggestions en lien avec l’accessibilité lorsque vous interagissez avec Lognet, ou encore sur le développement de notre plan d’accessibilité lui-même.

Lognet Inc is currently developing its accessibility plan in order to eliminate obstacles that could limit the use of our products and services or interactions with our company for anyone with a physical, intellectual, cognitive, mental or sensory disability, learning or communication or functional limitations.

We invite you to provide feedback by sending us observations, questions, comments or suggestions related to accessibility when you interact with Lognet, or on the development of our accessibility plan itself.

Give us your feedback

You can submit any accessibility observations, questions, comments or suggestions by contacting us in one of the following ways:

  • By phone (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday):
    • (450) 902-0242 Option 1
    • Specify that your call is related to accessibility
  • By email (at any time):
    • Specify ‘Accessibility Feedback’ in the subject of the email
  • Your feedback may be given anonymously.

How your request will be processed

Any feedback will be forwarded to the General Manager upon receipt. Unless it is anonymous, we will reply to you as soon as possible to confirm receipt of your message and, if it is a problem requiring immediate action, determine with you the best way to resolve the problem. in question.

Your message will also be forwarded to the team developing the accessibility plan, including the General Manager, to be assessed as part of the development of the plan. Your feedback will help Lognet Inc. continually improve its accessibility efforts. Some observations may not require a direct response or immediate follow-up, while others may highlight issues that need to be addressed immediately. However, all feedback received will help Lognet Inc. develop its future accessibility plans and let us know how we are progressing towards our accessibility goals. Comments received will be taken into consideration when drafting our accessibility progress reports, published in the years between accessibility plans.

Retention and personal information

All submissions received will be converted into an appropriate digital format and stored in our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Any personal information you disclose to us while providing accessibility feedback will remain confidential and subject to our Privacy Policy.

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