Lognet, About us

Lognet, Who are we?

Lognet is a provider of telecommunications services and cloud computing infrastructure, operator of its own network and its own Cloud infrastructure.

We offer our services to all sizes of companies – from SMEs to large enterprises.

For more than 20 years, our go-to-market approach has valued our partners.

Our head office is located in Laval, QC and our area of ​​intervention extends throughout the province of Quebec.

Our mission

Facilitate the digital transformation of businesses by offering high Internet services unparalleled speed and connectivity combined with simplified cloud infrastructure services.

As an emerging technology company, we offer wireless connectivity with performance comparable to fibre optic Internet, hence the name of our flagship product, Air Fibre™. Air Fibre™ is used as an Internet link, primary or in an SD-WAN or as a local loop to our core network or that of a third-party operator. Air Fibre™ integrates directly with our Air Cloud™ infrastructure, which provides on-demand processing and storage capacity.

Our Air Fibre™ and Air Cloud™ products allow local businesses to benefit from the advantages of the Cloud, such as the flexibility to pay as needed, a secure infrastructure and very fast implementation. If your company offers telecom and IT services, the Air Fibre™ and Air Cloud™ products allow you to expand your service offering with more complete integrated solutions and thus increase both your turnover and your profitability.

Our team of enthusiasts

We take the well-being of our team to heart.

It is thanks to the team that our products are now so efficient, and our customer service of such good quality!

Discover our team members and their role on our dedicated page which puts everyone in the spotlight!

Lognet's values

Service excellence

Fixed billing with no surprises

Reliability and warranty

Priority to product quality

What we do...

Our services in demand

We focus on a main need: to provide a reliable, robust and operational Internet access source at all times!

It is with this vision that Air Fibre™ and Air Cloud™ were created, two in-demand services at Lognet giving you freedom of mind like no other provider can give you.

You build your business, we manage Internet access!

Air Fibre™

Air Cloud™

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