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What is Air Cloud™?

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The solution that offers unparalleled peace of mind!

Your data is safe and hosted in Quebec (protected from the Patriot Act in the USA).

Our infrastructures are highly available and you have 24/7 technical support.

What else do you want?

What you get with Air Cloud™

Air Cloud™ is a cloud computing infrastructure – IaaS – offering a reduced total cost of operation, optimal flexibility and unparalleled reliability for your systems.

We offer a simple model and fixed monthly billing avoiding any “surprise bill” typical of pay-per-use services. Your environment evolves according to your needs over time, without having to plan these needs over several years or use your financial resources for costly fixed assets.

Why migrate to the Cloud?

4 reasons to switch to Air Cloud™:

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Optimize your operational agility and your total costs by taking advantage of a cloud infrastructure service that evolves according to your changing needs, on a monthly subscription basis, thus preserving your financial liquidity for investments in your primary mission.

AirCloud vs. the competition: financial comparisons

Air Cloud

by Lognet
$ 33170 Total estimated cost over 3 years
  • 4 Virtual Machines
  • 16 vCPU
  • 96 Go vRAM
  • 1.8 TB standard storage
  • 1 Terminal Server
  • Windows licenses


$ 42058 Total estimated cost over 3 years
  • 2 host servers (internal storage)
  • 2 CPU 128 Go RAM, 3 x 1.2 TB RAID5
  • 4 Virtual Machines
  • 1 Active Directory, 1 server for files, 1 SQL, 1 Terminal Server
  • Licenses
  • Backup equipment, UPS, Cabinet, Cabling
  • < 1 hr/week maintenance


by Microsoft
$ 62687 Total estimated cost over 3 years
  • 4 Virtual Machines with managed disks
  • AD- D2ds v4 (2 vCPUs, 8 GB RAM)
  • 1 L4s (4 vCPUs, 32 GB RAM)
  • 1 F4 (4 vCPUs, 8 GB RAM)
  • 1 DS13-4 v2 (4 vCPUs, 56 GB)
  • Storage – Block Blob Storage, General Purpose V2, LRS Redundancy, Hot Access Tier, 1 800 GB Capacity
  • Eastern Canada region
  • Windows & SQL licenses included

Why Air Cloud™?

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