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Lognet is distinguished by its business model mainly focused on indirect sales from its network of partners, VAR and companies that offer telecom and IT services.

If your business offers these services, Air Fibre™ and Air Cloud™ products are for you! Their more complete integrated solutions allow you to expand your offer in order to increase both your turnover and your profitability.

If you want to solidify and expand your business relationships with your customers, take advantage of a growing market and work with a local partner that has been in operation for over 20 years, contact us now!

Our partnership programs adapt to your business reality, whether you prefer to invoice the client yourself and maintain the relationship or whether you refer an opportunity that you have raised in the course of your activities.

Available partnership programs

Revendeur Agent Référenceur
Bénéfice financier Rabais revendeur sur le prix de vente normal Commission mensuelle sur les revenus facturés Commission lors de la conclusion d’une vente
Relation client Revendeur Agent Lognet
Facturation Revendeur Lognet Lognet
Soutien client 1er niveau – Revendeur
2ème niveau – Lognet
Lognet Lognet

Why become partner?

The digital transformation of many businesses is hampered by the availability of affordable high-speed Internet services, even in the major industrial and commercial areas of the Montreal and Quebec regions.

Lognet is the only provider to have reliable and secure Air Fibre™ technology in these two major metropolitan areas and surrounding areas. We are constantly expanding our network and will roll out the service to other cities eventually.

Air Fibre™ technology also offers a variety of access paths completely independent of the usual support structures used by the major national operators, allowing the implementation of very high availability access solutions for your customers.

Did you also know that 9 out of 10 companies have not yet adopted the cloud? You have understood correctly, 90% of companies are still shying away from the cloud, the adoption of which is mainly present in large companies. But the pandemic has forced our SMEs to adapt and many are now adopting the cloud in their new project. Now is the perfect time to seize these business opportunities.

Why choose Lognet?

Air Fibre™ network

We are the only provider to have reliable and secure Air Fibre™ technology in the Greater Montreal Area and surrounding areas.

Our team

We are a team of experienced technicians with many years of experience in the wireless field. This strength sets us apart as an Internet provider.


We test the products of tomorrow, so that you always have the best wireless technology, in order to offer a competitive advantage on your customers’ operations.

Our popular products

Wireless Internet and Cloud

Join a growing partner network for over 20 years and take advantage of our network member benefits!

Air Fibre™

Air Cloud™

What are the advantages for you?

Royalty program

Access to a royalty program with the possibility of invoicing the customer yourself if you wish. You maintain direct contact with your customer without feeling like you are giving it to traditional cloud players.

Business opportunities

The growing demand for the Internet is blocking some of your customers because they do not have the desired speed or stability. With us on your team, you can finally unlock your products and services to better serve your customer.


The technology of Lognet products will exceed your expectations as well as those of your customers, we are fully convinced of this. Contact us for more information on the services offered!

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