Hosting virtual servers

The solution that offers peace of mind
  • Security of your data
  • High availability infrastructures 
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Your data is in Quebec (Sheltered from the Patriot Act in the USA)

Why choose AIR CLOUD

Air Cloud – Hosting customized virtual servers


  • Replication capacity in distant data center
  • Possibility of redundancy between Lognet data centers
  • Internet access from the same redundant provider who has the ability to provide Internet accesses
  • Possibility to access data centers through private Lognet links that do not pass on classic congested networks
  • 7 points backup (days)
  • Constant monitoring of equipments and VM clients
  • Possibility for the customers to use their licensed software or to rent (Microsoft SPLA and others) by Lognet
  • Data are hosted in Quebec territory
  • High protection of accesses and data
  • Possibility to have a local network from your offices to our data centers

Air CLOUD – Hosting customized virtual servers

Keep peace of mind & Access your data wherever you are.

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