Hosting virtual servers

The solution that offers peace of mind
  • Security of your data
  • High availability infrastructures 
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Your data is in Quebec (Sheltered from the Patriot Act in the USA)


  • Possibility to access data centers through private Lognet links that do not pass on classic congested networks
  • Data are hosted in Quebec territory
  • High protection of accesses and data
  • Possibility to have a local network from your offices to our data centers

High availability infrastructures

  • Replication capacity in distant data center
  • Possibility of redundancy between Lognet data centers
  • 7 points backup (days)
  • Possibility for the customers to use their licensed software or to rent (Microsoft SPLA and others) by Lognet

24/7 technical

  • Internet access from the same redundant provider who has the ability to provide Internet accesses.
  • Constant monitoring of equipments and VM clients.
  • Our offices are located in Laval along with a network of partners in Quebec.


"As an external consultant with cloud solutions, I need to surround myself with a reliable and effective partner who can help me set up private solutions for those looking for server hosting or private internal tools. Lognet's team has been able to meet the needs of my clients with a tailor-made approach to all of their issues. "
Philippe Daoust, Président ProsperIT Solutions inc.

2710 Michelin #100, Laval, Québec, H7L-5Y1


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